Iliki Recording Studio Rates: 

We now offer our clients a new, sliding scale rate. The more time you book, the more you save: 

1 Hr  - $85 

2 Hrs - $150 

3 Hrs - $195 

4 Hrs - $240 

5 Hrs - $275 

8 Hr block - $420 

10 Hr block - $500 

Weekend Lock-out - $900 

Students - $45 per hour with valid school ID (3 hour minimum)


Mastering Services: $65 per Song or $450 per Album


We accept cash, check, credit cards, PayPal, Venmo and  Zelle  (All major credit cards - add a 3% service charge) 

The rates are the same whether recording or mixing, and include the use of all studio equipment. 

Studio rate includes an engineer and applies for all work including setup, recording, editing, mixing, and file transfers.


Deposits: A deposit of half the estimated session cost will confirm your booking. A session is only "penciled in" until the deposit is received. "Penciled-in" dates are subject to being booked by other clients until your deposit is received. Your deposit will be applied to your balance at end of the session. Full payment is due at end of the session. 

No mixes or audio files will be released until full payment has been made. 

If you are not mixing your project at Iliki Music Productions and will be taking the multitrack files, you should provide an empty, external, USB-A or USB-C, Apple OS X-compatible hard drive before the end of the session so the files can be transferred. If you need the files prepped for mix elsewhere on a different system, that process may require booking extra time if it is an extensive project or many tracks.


8 days or more   If you cancel or re-schedule a session more than one week from your booked session dates, you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

7 days or fewer   If you cancel or re-schedule a session less than one week from the first day of your booked session dates, you will lose your deposit. It will not be refunded.

If you cancel within 24 hours of your session start time, or do not show up to your session, you will lose your deposit and will owe half of your total studio bill.