Iliki Music is a Hawaii based collective of musicians, composers and producers who strive to create and perform modern, avant garde music for film, television and the performing arts. Founded in 2010 by long time Hilo recording engineer, Thomas Mohbat. Iliki Music was conceived as an opportunity where musicians could express ideas not appreciated or excepted in the main-stream band and club venue market.

Mohbat's long history as a producer and engineer with countless band demos and cds to his credit made him an obvious choice as musical director for Iliki Music. His passion for somber orchestral themes and dark, brooding compositions inspired him to seek out similarly minded recording artists to collaborate with.

Mostly instrumental themes written with a script or an imaginary 'scene' in mind for artistic motivation are then extrapolated and contoured into shorter, often slower, and less dense passages for use as intros, outros, tags, and scene changes.